Creative ideas that speak to your heart!

Tailored to your needs – Inspired by your love story

At K & S we believe that you deserve nothing but the best for your special day. We plan the most joyous day of your life taking care of everything from the brainstorming to the execution. We work with you every step of the way to make sure that your big day is unforgettable.

We create a personalized, unique and authentic design for your wedding so that it reflects your personality and style. From consulting and venue selection to flowers and styling, nothing will be left to chance.

Our goal is to deliver beyond expectations.

” Share your vision with us and let us bring it to life! ”


Whatever the occasion you are celebrating we are here for you.


We plan your wedding or event from start to finish, book the professionals you need for this special day, create detailed programs and timelines as well as help you keep track on your budget as you constantly have access to your event file.


We create a unique atmosphere and leave nothing to chance as we work with a variety of trustworthy vendors and professionals.
Supervision and coordination

Supervision and coordination

It is not only the vendors or the décoration of your event that matters but the unseen details are equally important.
We follow the program step by step, to ensure everything and everyone is on schedule and you are free to enjoy your big day without a hitch.

Extra Services Connecting your life moments with Greece

Experience Greek hospitality through our network of travel experts and get access to all the hidden gems that Greece has to offer.

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